Friday, August 22, 2008

Visiting the Cute Kitties!

Meet my kitties! Well, two of them are "mine" - the black one (Kiki) and the gray tabby (Tony) are my cats from when I lived at home with the family. They are living with my sister now at her apartment, and I was able to visit them all weekend long! She also has a third addition - a fluffy calico kitty named Fishie. All of the cats love each other, play around together, cuddle and bathe each other - it is so very cute. In this first picture, Kiki climbed right into my lap to have a little snuggle - he loves to just climb on you and sit in your lap for a little cat-nap. :)

All three of the cats were strays and adopted from the wonderful organization - the Animal Welfare Association of Hamilton, Ontario. They are a not for profit organization that is completely run by unpaid volunteers. There are many foster families that take care of the cats until they find permanent homes, and Animal Welfare never puts any of the cats to sleep - they will wait as long as it takes for the cats to find homes. It is such a wonderful charity that truly cares about the animals that they rescue. If you're looking to adopt a cat and you are from the area, I highly suggest that you check them out!

Here are some more pictures of our little cuties for you to enjoy!

Tony and Kiki looking outside the screen door, watching the rain fall. I set up their multi-level scratching post in front of the door so they could look outside and enjoy the fresh air - they both shared the top level of it together.

Tony rolling around on the carpet all silly-like. He just randomly started rolling around and playing with nothing! What a silly-head. I didn't even give him any catnip!

Tony and Kiki loving each other - Kiki is licking Tony's paws! Tony is enjoying it! Usually after they clean each other, one cat "play-bites" the other, and then they start to wrestle around.

These last couple of pictures are of Fishie, the newest addition! She loves her little mouse toy and carries it around with her - this time, she brought it into the bathtub with her!

As you can see...I love my cats! It's a shame that in my current living situation, we can't have any cats, but once my fiance and I end up moving into our own house, we'll hopefully be able to have a couple of our own :)


PurrPrints said...

Aww, what cuties! The calico in the last shot has an especially adorable look on her face.

thegeekery said...

Love your adorable kitties! Kiki reminds me of my black cat Phoebe who's the sweetest kitty ever.

:) Jocelyn