Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Urban Look - Crochet Dress (Work in Progress)

A dark image on a rainy day here in Brantford, but an image nevertheless of a crochet dress that I've started to make.  It is called Urban Look and the pattern is from Patons #862, Grace - Spring Style.  I'm using the Patons Grace yarn in a shade of green called Wasabi.  This is a fairly lightweight yarn, perfect for spring or summer dresses.

I am an advanced knitter but I rarely crochet - in fact, I'm quite the beginner at crochet.  Since this is technically an "intermediate" pattern (says the pattern book), I have had to learn as I crocheted.  I almost crocheted the entire main part of the dress, until I held up the hours and hours of work...and noticed that the sides tapered in!  This is not supposed to happen - it is supposed to remain the same width the entire way.  I ended up ripping out the entire thing and starting again.  Ugh.  I was watching the Princess Bride while I started to rip out all of those precious stitches and it took me half an hour to rip out the stitches and wrap the yarn into a ball again!

Regardless, I've started again and this time, I'm making sure that I'm watching my progress as I work along without mindlessly crocheting without looking!  Hopefully I will be able to post the finished results soon enough!  Here is a link to the project on my Ravelry page.

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