Thursday, April 14, 2011

Exploring Streetsville, ON

Today, I decided to walk around historic Streetsville, which is a small area of Mississauga with many independently owned shops along Queen St. I recently moved to Mississauga and as I am new to the area, I am still learning about the region. I am sure there is much more to this section of town than the shops and wonderful older buildings, but for today I just walked along Queen St and enjoyed the shopping and the lovely Spring sunshine.

Spring has sprung in Streetsville as some flowers are in bloom and the buds are sprouting on the trees. There was a clear blue sky today, a mild breeze and the sun was shining - perfect for a walk!

I saw some historic buildings along Queen Street, including this interesting one with the words "Old Fellows Hall" written at the top. It appears to be a bit run-down and up for sale, so hopefully it will be restored fully. There was also this interesting archway that led down a small alley towards some shops.

I hope to visit this tea room sometime with Paul. Also, I couldn't resist taking a picture from the outside of this shop window - all sorts of vintage treasures inside!

I could not resist the opportunity to buy some freshly baked treats at Swirls Cupcakes! I picked up a variety of tantalizing flavours: red velvet, mangolicuous, strawberry fields, raspberry beret, and cookies & dream. Yum!

I also stumbled upon a discount wool shop called Knit 4 Less. A really nice man was working there while knitting some socks...oh, that would be my dream, to knit at work! They carry Red Heart, Bernat, Patons and more, and all at fantastic prices. Definitely check out this store if you get the chance, I know I will be back!

All in all, I had a really great day exploring a part of my town!
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Heather said...

Oh, I lived in Streetsville when I was little. It's definitely a beautiful area.

Anu said...

Ooohhh, it looks so pretty and all those shops look awesome! I would love to have a cupcake shop around here, I don't trust supermarket ones too much.. :/ & Knit 4 Less sounds like heaven. Cheap yarn would be great.