Sunday, August 21, 2011

Visiting Sudbury Part 2 - Science North

On the first day of our girls trip, we visited the Big Nickel & Dynamic Earth.  On the second day, we visited Science North, an interactive science centre in Sudbury, Ontario.

Science North had many educational and informative exhibits and theatres for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy.  We watched Born to Be Wild 3D at the IMAX Theatre, which was a fascinating look into two different wildlife rescue centres and the women who started the incredible rehabilitation centres to faciliatate the return of these creatures to the wild.  One story takes place in Kenya where abandoned and orphaned baby elephants are rescued, and the other takes place in the rainforests of Borneo where orphaned chimps are rescued.  The reasons why these animals are in such dire need is due completely to the reckless actions of humans - the elephant poachers and the destruction of the rainforests.  This movie provides a look into those who devote their lives to reversing these savage acts.

We saw some forms of wildlife at Science North, including a small butterfly room where the butterflies were able to fly freely all around a tropical climate.

We also met the darling Quillan, a porcupine who lives at Science North.  Quillan is unable to live in the wild so he makes his home at the science centre.  He has a space to run around, twigs to chew, and a huge tree to climb up into.  Quillan is a very sweet and much loved porcupine at Science North!

We also met Drifter, the beaver.  Drifter is also rescued and lives at Science North as he is missing part of his tail and is unable to live in the wild.  He has a big area to swim in and was sleeping happily in his habitat when we visited him.  What a cutie!

We saw many more exhibits that related to nature, outer space, the environment, the human body, and many more.  There was this bed of nails that you could lay on, which I tried out!  Of course, this did not hurt at all because the nails were not up when you got onto the apparatus, and then you pushed a button and the nails raised up.  Since your weight was distributed evenly across the bed, it didn't hurt one bit!

There was also a fantastic show at the Planetarium that we watched, followed up by a brief explanation of the stars that you can currently see in the Ontario night sky.

We walked outside on the property of Science North to the boardwalk that extends around Ramsay Lake.  Just outside of the building, there were many Canada geese enjoying a swim around the lake.  It was a beautiful day outside and a great day for watching the geese swim around.

Sudbury is a very interesting place to visit if you'd like to explore the Canadian Shield, the history of nickel mining and enjoy the science centre.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent here!

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