Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Trip to the Sandylion Warehouse Sticker Outlet

I remember collecting stickers when I was a kid - I had a giant album's worth and I'm fairly certain that most of them were by local sticker maker, Sandylion. I loved all the different varieties - fuzzy stickers, shiny ones, and even scratch-and-sniff. Visiting the Sandylion Sticker Outlet was definitely a blast from the past as I recognized some of the stickers that I had as a child still up for sale at the warehouse outlet store!

This store is a must-visit for anyone who loves scrapbooking, writing letters to penpals, or using stickers for any kind of craft project. There are many scrapbooking supplies and papers on sale at discount prices. And let me tell you, there are absolutely TONS of stickers for sale!

I'm talking walls and bins and displays and shelves full of stickers! For the price of one sheet of stickers at a regular store, you could get several sheets. This would be the perfect place for teachers to shop as well.

Some sticker packs were $2.99 each for several sheets but that's about as "expensive" as it got - most stickers were 99 cents, two for 99 cents, or even discounted down to 5 cents a sheet! You can't beat that.  Here is what I ended up buying:

The people who worked there were so nice and friendly - they even threw in a few sheets of stickers as an added bonus! As you can see, I came away with lots of stickers and scrapbooking stickers! My pen-friends can look forward to having some new stickers included with their next letters! :)

You can visit the Sandylion Warehouse Sticker Outlet - it is located at 400 Cochrane Street in Markham, Ontario. Just take Highway 404, exit at Highway 7 and go East. Take your first right on East Valhalla, and another right on Cochrane. It is located in an industrial plaza type of area, but there are signs and you'll find it easily!


Anu said...

Wow! I had no idea that kind of places existed, what an amazing place it looks like! My stash of stickers suddenly looks very modest..

Lost Mitten said...

I didn't know it existed until a couple of weeks ago either! It was well worth the drive! :) sticker heaven!