Sunday, April 28, 2013

Knitter's Frolic 2013

It was my third year attending Knitter's Frolic and it was my favorite time yet! I had to work until pretty late the night before, so I wasn't able to arrive to the marketplace until about 11am. Even though I always hear that the place is packed first thing in the morning when it opens, it was still quite busy! I also found so many nice yarns to knit with, so it was a great success!

This first wool - I really wish I could remember the booth that I purchased it from, but the lady running the booth was so nice! I bought 5 skeins of Manos Del Uruguay Alegria in beautiful variations of cream, light to dark blue and turquoise, to caramel and gray. I really hope that I can make a beautiful sweater out of this wool!

I could not resist this bright and colorful Manos Del Uruguay Maxima wool in a whole rainbow of colors! Pinks, oranges, yellows, blues...I think this will make a really nice hat or scarf! I bought 2 skeins of it from Rose Haven Farm Store (Picton, Ontario).

I bought a kit (I love the kits at Knitters Frolic - makes everything so easy to make!) from The Needle Emporium booth (blog!). It is the Austin Hoodie with 3 skeins of Lorna's Laces Solemate in a light turquoise "The Outer Drive". I bought the Ravinia kit last year from the Needle Emporium using the same wool and it turned out so beautifully!

I purchased these two skeins of sock yarn from the Sweet Fiber booth. I didn't see this booth last year so they might be new to the Frolic, but I loved all of the different colors of hand dyed yarn available! I might make a shawl with these, or socks and gloves, or maybe a top! Who knows!

This was my last purchase at the event and it was after seeing the finished product on a mannequin at their booth. It totally drew me into the booth and I couldn't help but want to make it! The pattern is Liesl and it uses Louet Euroflax Linen yarn. This is fantastic because I'm always looking for non-animal sourced vegan yarns to try out. I bought the kit from Adirondack Yarns from Lake Placid, New York.

While purchasing all of this fantastic yarn certainly was fun, the highlight of my day was taking a class at the Frolic! This was the first fiber class I've ever taken, and my first at the Frolic. The class was Spindle Spinning instructed by Barbara Aikman.

I've always wanted to learn how to spin yarn and I decided that a basic spindle spinning class would be a great way to start. Only after a short time, everyone in the class was spinning up their own yarn from merino fiber! There were only nine people in the class, so Barbara was able to teach us all within the small group (we sat in a circle). She was also able to provide us with individual attention and help us out. Barbara also provided us with any background info on spinning and gave us plenty of resources to keep going with the new hobby. The first ball of white wool was the very first one that I spun from fiber! Then, we got to choose some colors and next came the beautiful darker blue wool. We were able to take some fiber home with us, so I chose the light blue fiber to spin into wool. Later, I'm going to ply the dark blue and light blue wool together!

All in all, it was such a fun way to spend an afternoon! I will be busy with knitting projects for a very long time - at least until next year's show!

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Candice said...

Yummy yarns! You did good.