Monday, May 20, 2013

WIP: Versio Sweater with Schaefer Yarn Company Finger Lakes Yarn

Just a little knitting update on this holiday Monday here in Canada (Victoria Day!). I have the day off work so I have decided to take some time to myself and do a little knitting (and blogging!). It is very hot outside today and while I did take a little time to sit outside with an iced coffee and enjoy the sunshine, I'm back inside and ready to keep on knitting.

I'm back to working on Versio using the beautiful yarn that I purchased in Watkin's Glen, NY - Schaefer Yarn Company's "Anne" wool. It is in the shade, "Finger Lakes" that you can only purchase at stores in the Finger Lakes region.

For those who may remember (or you can check out my past blog post), I knitted the entire sweater using this yarn last year and found it was WAY too big after I blocked it. Not only was it too big, but it seemed out of proportion. I have made some adjustments with the size that I'm knitting, as well as the needles I'm knitting the sweater on. Hopefully, things will work out better this time. It is such a shame to spend all of the time knitting a sweater and not have it look beautiful in the end!

I'm not sure about my readers out there who knit or crochet, but do you find yourself knitting more or less in the summertime? I know that some people might think of knitting as a winter craft, but I love to knit all year around! I do spend some more time outdoors, but there's always time to be made for knitting. What do you think? I am curious!


Kitsune Kevin said...

Is there any way to message you from this site? I'm new to this and I wanted to ask you about your previous work.

Kitsune Kevin said...

Is there any way to message you through this site? Sorry, I'm new to it, and I wanted to ask you about some of your previous work.

Lost Mitten said...

Sorry for the late reply! You can send me an email at laurenbeth at gmail dot com. Thanks! :)