Tuesday, September 3, 2013

FO: Crochet Swiffer Sock

I recently picked up a Swiffer for the apartment but I absolutely hate the idea of buying those disposable sheets. It is terrible for the environment and a waste of money! I'd heard about people knitting reusable Swiffer covers and searched around online for a pattern. I found a crochet pattern that totally did the trick! It is double-sided with a flat side and a side with longer bits, which I find are great for picking up all of those dust bunnies.

It works wonderfully! I am in the process of making a couple more as back-up Swiffer covers. I find that they pick up the dust bunnies really well, and you can throw them in the washing machine after you use them. You still will need to use a dust pan for the larger bits of dirt.

I've heard that acrylic yarn works best because they create some static for picking up the dust bunnies. This is a great one for using up extra yarn in your stash - I just used leftover worsted weight yarn. You can easily crochet this one up in an evening! Hooray for being environmentally-friendly and saving some cash!

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